Latest Fire-suppression – Water Cannons

A beautiful home in Laguna Beach, CA features a rather interesting “amenity”…. on the property is a fire suppression system with six cannons connected to city water lines. The system senses the temperature of the land and if there is a fire, water will automatically spray from the cannons and alert the fire department. (WSJ)

Fire-hardening is on everyone’s mind and it is time to get ready for fire season now. Each year the season seems to begin earlier and spread further. Investing in a water cannon may save your home.

How do Automatic Water Cannons work?


As mentioned above, water cannons are often combined with a Thermal Fire Detection system. This operates by scanning the area for infra-red radiation, which it can then convert into a temperature reading. When a set temperature threshold is reached, the fire alarm is activated and signals relayed to the cannon.

The signals received by the cannon include details of the zone in which the fire has been detected. This provides the cannon the information on the area to concentrate the suppression, and the water cannon, mounted on a motorised chassis with a self-aligning system, turns and directs the water jet directly at the risk area identified by the detection system.

The direct targeting of a risk area has the effect of concentrating the suppression on a relatively small area. The monitors Blazequel provide can deliver up to 2,500ltr/min of suppression agent, rapidly containing and suppressing the fire.

No other building protection automatic fire extinguishing system can operate with such speed and precision, dealing directly with the point of risk rather than blanket protecting a whole area. This targeted approach ensures that the risk is dealt with swiftly and efficiently and minimises clean up costs.

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