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Hearing the Word “No” Makes Me Smile!

Recently, I read a sweet book called, “Go for No! Yes, is the destination, No is how you get there.”

No, is a word that most of us don’t like to hear because it feels like rejection. That is why some people don’t choose a career in sales because the rejection can be defeating and a big road obstacle to overcome.

No, is not just limited to sales. We are all making requests and sometimes we get a yes and sometimes we get a no.

After reading this book, it gave me a different perspective on no. Hearing no, just means no. It doesn’t mean that I am a bad person, or the person doesn’t like me. It just means no at this time. 

I was particularly impressed by the company in the story that got an award for the most no’s. When I gave it, some thought, I realized it means the person who puts himself or herself out there is the one willing to be bold and take a risk.

I have signed up for this challenge to go for no. I am a Realtor® and often find myself being an undercover Realtor®. My goal is 20 no’s per week. My favorite person to ask is the cashier at a grocery store because I typically have a captive audience. I always feel a bit odd asking they if know anyone buying or selling a home. However, I have had some interesting conversations around this subject. One responded that she had purchased a home in a different county, but she wouldn’t tell me where. The store manager said he was looking at homes near the store 30 years ago when the interest rates were 9%. Now, 30 years later, we are quickly approaching 9%. History tends to repeat itself. I asked the butcher at the meat counter if he knew of anyone, and he replied that he was only 18. “Good time to start saving,” I responded. I asked my banker if she knew of anyone, and she said, “I am.” We quickly put together for her on a home search for the area she was interested in. Another cashier shared that she inherited her mother’s home in Mill Valley. Lucky her. 

I am quickly realizing most people have a story about buying or selling a home. Everyone needs a place to live and home ownership is still many people’s dream. The intention behind my business is to be of service to people and help them attain home ownership. If I don’t ask, how can I help?

Hearing no, is the risk I am willing to take to help someone get into home ownership.

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