A 10 Year Reflection

Let’s look back on the past quarter. 

  • On January 1,2023,  BITCOIN was trading at $16,600....on April 18th it's close to $30,000.  
  • On January 1, Apple stock was trading at $125, ….today it's $166.  
  • The S&P 500 was at $3,824 now its $4,192....
  • Most of us had not heard of Silicon Valley Bank on January 1, 2023, today.....we know it is no longer.
  • The end of December US inflation was about 6.5%, today it dipped below 6%.....
  • The US 10-year treasury bond rate was 3.88% and today it's about 3.59%....yes, it’s LOWER, even though the FED interest rate has continued to rise.

Let’s look back at  the past 5 years:

  • Bitcoin was $9,500, 
  • Apple was trading around $42, 
  • The S&P 500 was $2,671 and 
  • The 10-year treasury rate was 2.95%

Let’s look back 10 years ago:

  • Bitcoin was trading at $94, Apple was trading around $15, the S&P 500 was around $1,600 and the 10-year treasury rate was 2.48%.
  • US GDP was $16.8 trillion: in 2022 it was $25.4 trillion....up  51%.
  • COMPASS did not exist: it was Urban Compass, a rental-focused entity. Last year we sold close to a QUARTER TRILLION dollars worth of real estate.
  • A gallon of  gas  in US cost about $3.58, today it's about $3.68. (not California..we are 3.297…wish it still was) US population was 316 million: Today it's over 334 million.
  • The Federal government collected about $2.78 trillion in taxes: in 2022 it was over $4.9 trillion....up 76%, 25% more than GDP growth....

Maybe the above shows how a quarter is not the best gauge of progress or change....just a blip of an indicator. Look back at where YOU were ten years ago. What has changed in a quarter, five years and ten years? Hopefully this blog serves as a reminder how when given time, we are capable of exceptional changes and improvements. Much greater than we had ever imagined.

Progress requires persistence, perseverance and yes......some patience!

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